There is a strong need for a change in the way we consume.

We must actually do it now. The increasingly use of plastic and other single-use materials in the recent decades has had a terrible impact in our planet and all living beings living on it.

The time has come for an actual change by avoiding the use of this materials, and only us can make it possible. On this website you will be able to find alternatives that will help reduce waste on your daily basis for a more sustainable, respectful and healthy consumption.

There are hand crafted products that will give a change to those industrial methods which pollute the rivers, the air and explote the workers who are part of the chain and suffer from precarity.

The products that you can find on this website are made with care and the person who creates them has a name and face that you can find about.

They are also local products with certified materials that guarantees that the primary materials compost of are from nearby. This means that no far away importation has been needed to bring the product you buy to you.

Are you thinking to join for the change?

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