Carrying strap protector

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Garment that closes with click buttons and is placed on the strap of the carrying backpack or scarf to protect the baby’s saliva or bites from drool.



This product is 15x7cm, and is placed on the strap of the carrying element that is used to avoid wearing or dirtying the strap of the piece. The little ones put it all in their mouths and this is inevitable, since they are in the oral phase. To save us having to wash the entire backpack, scarf, Meitai, … when the little ones leave it dirty, using these protectors is very useful.
It is made of absorbent cotton towel fabric to collect the child’s drool and bites, and printed cotton fabric that will give personality and fun to carry.
Wash them by hand or in the washing machine at less than 30ºC to avoid damaging the product.
The fabrics of this product carry an OEKO TEX ® 100 certificate, which verifies that there are no harmful substances, neither in textiles, nor in the stages of manufacturing the product.
They are vegan and free from animal abuse.
Being totally handmade and unique, the product you receive may have small variations from the image

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