Inco sheet

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Reusable incontinent sheet.

Forget about use and dispose.



It has a breathable waterproof liner and an absorbent one also. These materials together are an effective combination.

It is reusable and free from polietilene and cellulose.

The waterproof liner is secure to avoid leeks but it’s also a breathable material. This is an advantage for your comfort.


There is 3 sizes:

Small: 50x65cm

Medium: 65x100cm

Personalised size : you can choose your ideal size by making a special order, so you can cover the surface you wish.

You can choose the size and the color of the border of the inco-pad. Select your choice before taking the order to your basket.

Technical details of the product:

-100% polyester.

-Machine wash 60ºC maximum

-Tumble dryer below 70ºC




-This inco-pad is a barrier for acatis, bacteria and fungus.

-Do not need ironing.

-Do not dry wash.

-Do not bleach,.



Babies: To allow your baby to stay nappy free. To use it as a nappy change surface, specifically useful on a trip out.

Pets: As a top covering for your pet’s bed when it has the periode, urine loss, skin wounds which leak or for young pets you want to train on that future use. You can use it also to protect your car’s seat or in your pet carrier.

Adults: For people who is bed bound or has urine loose.

By using the inco-pad you will extend the live of the surface you put on by stopping them to get stained or smelly, eg: sofa, mattress, etc.


The materials used to make this product are all OEKO TEX ® 100 certified.

They are vegan and cruelty free.

They are all hand made, therefore it might have some slide differences respect the picture you see in the website.

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