Menstrual knickers. Cocoro essence. Plus absorption.

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Absorbent menstrual panties for a greater amount of menstruation or light urine loss.
They do not smell, absorbent, water-repellent, breathable, antibacterial.



Classic cut double absorption briefs.
Sporty and comfortable, the “Plus” model is higher at the waist, and with a longer and slightly thicker bridge area for lazy days. The gray on the leg easily differentiates it from the rest of the ESSENCE, even when folded.

The plus models are designed to be used on those days with the greatest amount of menstruation or slight urine loss. In the case of menstruation, if it is very abundant (even with falling clots), it is not recommended that the plus models be used alone, because their duration would be short.
The Cocoro are designed for a progressive drop in flow, but not when it drops suddenly, even in the form of a clot. For this reason, at the time of a very abundant flow drop (such as a second or third day) depending on the amount of menstruation that the woman has, we recommend that she also complement it with a product for internal use. In this way, the panties will last them all day.

-Care and cleaning:
You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. You choose, just make sure you wash them inside out, use a neutral soap and air dry.
Cocoro® panties are made with technical textiles that require special care to function optimally. Simply remember this:
Heat can damage them:
• Wash below 30ºC.
• Never iron or tumble-dry.
Some substances can alter the internal technical fabric and affect its performance:
• Avoid the use of fabric softener or bleach.
• Avoid soaps that contain natural oils, and Marseille soap.

Regarding the sizes, it is very important that before making the purchase you make sure that it is your size; if in doubt, take the larger size; because from Cocoro they do not make changes. Take a good look at the size grill.

*Amount of menstruation, vaginal discharge and leaks: Heavy flow
*Intimate area: 2,5mm
*Composition: 1. Outer: 65% cotton, 35% elastane / 2. Middle layers (only in the intimate area): Natural fibers and polyester. Doesn’t contain plastic (PUL free) / 3. Inner (only in the intimate area): 100% Organic cotton / 4. Doily: 70% polyamide, 30% elastane.
*Properties: No smell, absorbent, water-repellent, breathable, antibacterial.

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