Napkin-free blanket

15,00  VAT included

Towel with outer waterproof and breathable fabric to leave babies nappy-free with no hassle.
It is also a useful nappy changer.



This product is designed to leave your baby temporarily be without nappy with peace of mind as won’t mess around as it is waterproof.

Very helpful for children with skin allergies, fungi and atopic eczema that often cause irritation.

It’s measures are 50x70cm.

It can also be used as a nappy changer at any time, and specially when going out to the beach, countryside as it has a waterproof layer that protects your baby from damp.

The layer that is in contact with the baby’s skin is 100% cotton towel fabric.

All fabrics in this product are OEKO TEX ® 100 certified. They are vegan and animal cruelty free.

Being totally handmade, the product you receive may have small variations with respects to the image.

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