Facial hygiene pack

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Pack of a pair of reusable makeup remover wipes, and 3 different sizes towels.



‘- A pair of reusable makeup remover wipes for facial hygiene. They are two pads of 10×10 cm:
One of the wipes is flannel fabric (100% cotton), ant the other is made of towel cloth (also 100% cotton). They carry a string to dry them more easily. Once used, wash them and hang them to use the next day.
-Small hygiene towel: 21cm x 15cm.
-Medium hygiene towel: 28cm x 20cm.
-Large hygiene towel:  40cm x 25cm.
This towels are very practical for many uses. As a travel towel, to clean and dry the intimate parts or small parts of the body or face, …
Dip it in hot water with a spot of soap, coconut oil or essential oil and purify your skin.
They are made with printed cotton on one side and towel cloth (1000% cotton) on the other.
The fabrics of this product have an OEKO TEX ® 100 certificate. It verifies that there are no harmful substances either in textiles, or in the phases of product manufacturing.
They are vegan and free from animal abuse.
This towel is totally handmade and unique, then, the product you receive may have small variations from the imatge product.

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