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project nüshu

Hi! My name is Gemma.

The one behind Nushu assemblying and doing everything from first step handly made.

From choosing the fabrics, to packaging your product, choosing the best raw material, going through cutting, sewing, designing, ironing, packaging, putting buttons, solving customer doubts, talking to suppliers, taking pictures, printing, managing shipments, doing the accounts, etc.

Born and bred in Barcelona but recently moved to a town in the Maresme region. I was born in 1988, and since I was little I have been a passionate about arts and crafts. I spent my free time experimenting with new materials, threads, wax, branches, shells, beads, etc. When I grew up I decided to study arts. After this I did a Higher Level Study Course of artistic textile printing.

My two grandmothers were sewers, one of them from a very small town in La Rioja. This one used to have many sewing machines and with those sorrounding me, I couldn’t stay without trying those noisy machines which turned fabric onto pieces of art. And this is how I began to learn by myself and enter into the world of sewing. Curiosity and the desire to learn more encouraged me to get my first sewing machine! And with it I spent hours and hours: fustrate when I did not get what I wanted, working overnight untill I got the hability, lots of back aches and pains, trips to the fabric shop and above all with an inexplicable joy when I liked the results.

Everithing started as a creative sewing. But I started making skirts, handbags, wallets, costumes, and things that came out as a result of a need. Little by little and with a wish for a world free from waste I became to produce everything more in line with sustainability and zero waste. Thanks to Nushu project I have been able to go further and reach the family homes so that together we can make the change that the planet needs.


What does nushu mean?

Nǚ shū, translated literally means “Writing of women”, is a syllabic writing system used by women in southern China.

In ancient Hunan, the teaching of Nan Shu (writing of men) was forbidden to them. That society only allowed men to read and write in public. Good attempt to have them castrated, uninformed and submissive, but they did not succeed!

They created Nü Shu and used it in secret to communicate and transfer information.

They learned the language from mothers to daughters, and drew the characters embroidered on sheets, fans, handkerchiefs, decorative frames, …

The Nushu language existed since the third century of our era, but after the Chinese Revolution, women had access to education and the Nü Shu fell into disuse.

On September 23, 2004, Yang Huanyi died, at 98, the last person to speak it.

The brand @nushu_artesania, wants to resume this sorority, this “communicate” between us from the deep, and share knowledge and experiences.

Breaking the silence that some are so interested in, making our voice heard, and transmitting the information to future generations and the women around us. Stimulate and share the feminine wisdom that we have inside, and that our ancestors possessed and have given to us.

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