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Pack menstrual sponge + 5 menstrual pads salvaslip size

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5 menstrual pads salvaslips and menstrual sponge.

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5 reusable menstural pads. This menstruals pads are 17cm x 5,5cm, and is placed on the panties with a nickel-free click button.
The layer that is in contact with the vulva is 100% cotton flannel, and so are the inner layers that absorb the blood. Thanks to the laminated fabric they give impermeability, but also breathability, and this helps us not to proliferate fungi, candids and other bacteria.
You will be surprised of its absorption capacity even so how thins they are.
You will enjoy your bleeding without itching or discomfort and you will find that the blood-stained pads do not stink out.
Learn how to wash them “here”.

The menstrual sponge is a reusable, practical and 100% ecological product.
its natural absorption capacity and its great softness make them perfect for feminine intimate care, since they adapt to the shape of your vagina.
they have not been treated with chemicals so they retain their natural color.


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